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The Elucidate Drones, was started to educate the people about drones and the other technological things involved with drones. The team is always working hard to provide quality information about the drones.

What do we write?

As part of Elucidate Drones, we write all about the Unmanned Systems and their impacts, operations, effects, benefits, and so on.

The knowledge we gained from the workplace and from several books is one of our important assets, as we consider. Similarly, we believe education is fulfilled, when it is shared and being shared. This continuous process is the driving factor of the team Elucidate Drones.


Dhulkarnayn - Elucidate Drones


I am 25 years old drone developer, holds a postgraduate degree in Avionics. I've worked on a few complex projects like drone swarms, drone light shows, autonomous landing of drones using computer-vision algorithms, etc. Since childhood, I'm much passionate about electronics, aerospace & engineering.


If you have any question, suggestion or business inquiry, feel free to write us an email.