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Impact of Unmanned Systems in the Future of the World

The Unmanned Systems are going to have a more prominent impact on the future of the world. Without any arguments, it is accepted by many researchers that Unmanned Systems will be governing the future of the world.

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The system which requires a tremendous manual process can be automated and complete the task by itself is considered to be a highly beneficial thing ever. The current world is highly concentrating on upgrading conventional systems to Unmanned Systems (Automated Systems).

Unmanned Systems - Social Impact

Let’s contemplate a kafkaesque scenario, A Forklift Operator in a company, having experience over a decade is very much loyal to his employer. Also, earned the best employee of the year award consecutively thrice in his tenure period in the company.

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One day, he receives a mail from his employer which describes that with him three more employees, going to be replaced by the advanced intelligent robots. Management requested him to quit the job since these machines are efficient comparatively.

After discontinuing the job from the company, he applied for the same post in several firms in the neighbourhood and later realized that all the companies replaced the forklift operators because of the technological advancements.

How intense is the social impact of Unmanned Systems?

Although the above scenario seems quite detrimental to society, this is not true!

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The above scenario sounds kafkaesque because I’ve explained in his point of view. Fact is, he’s not ready to upgrade himself as technology advances. In the meanwhile, he could’ve learned about the Autonomous Systems, but not.


Perception of a person plays here the vital role, initially let’s list out the common pessimistic responses:

These are all just assumptions, but the reality is entirely different. I’ll try to explain them one by one.


There’s a general myth which is being believed by everyone is, the introduction of Unmanned System in various industries will lead to unemployment and increases the risk of losing the current job.

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I agree with the fact that some jobs in the present world may not be in the future. But, I consider this as a progressive step towards the upliftment of the status quo of the entire humankind.

American Entrepreneur, Mark Cuban once Quoted that,

I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives, and applies it in ways we never thought of.

In future, most of the packages which you’ve ordered in Amazon, Flipkart will be delivered by drones instead of humans.

Even food delivery firms like Swiggy, Zomato are currently involved in similar projects. In that case, many of the people who’re all delivering our products, jobs will be at stake. But, who’ll be ordering the products?, and from Whom they’re ordering? If you understand this then you’ll have the answers.

Yes, most of the humans will be working on the highest-earning potential and challenging jobs that are going to upgrade the technology.


In my opinion, it is too difficult to remove the trace of data, once posted in public. There is a higher chance of downloading the data when it was available in the public medium.

British author, Catherine Butler, once said,

Privacy on the Internet? That’s an oxymoron.

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And, Hacking is an important issue faced by the community. Cybersecurity experts are working continually to improve the encryption algorithm and techniques, but hackers are also working on breaking those algorithms.

Let’s consider a scenario, where you’re ordering something in online that is going to be delivered to you by a drone. What if an intruder uses your identity and receives your package which you’ve ordered?

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Researchers already started working on this issue and other issues, in a full-fledged manner. Let’s wait and hope for the best outcome in the privacy part.

Human Virtues

Expecting kindness from a machine is not as simple as portrayed in Sci-Fi Movies because, in the real-life, we all know that virtues and intelligence are entirely different quantities. I’m also concurring with the pessimist’s point of view in the implementation of Unmanned Systems in this section.

Though machines will be more effective as compared to humans in several cases, the entire replacement of machines instead of humans will never lead us to the successful path and in my opinion, there needs to be proportion in the distribution of man and the machines in the workplace.

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In future, even there’s a possibility of smart coffee shops, which will get orders from people on their own and doesn’t require any employees, it’ll work as instructed by its employer. If this is the case, then it’ll distribute the coffee to the customers based on its visual learning algorithm. There won’t be any queue or breaking the line issue in the shop since the system itself calculates the queuing order based on the person’s arrival time into the shop.


We’re meeting different people in our day-to-day life, someone who is older, entered the shop and waiting in the long queue behind us we used to break the line and allow him to go first. We can replace the human, but the human values are questionable when it comes to machines. The machines and algorithms can learn intelligence, but the operation of machines following the human virtues are still undefined. There will be some experts who may argue that these virtues, can be achieved by implementing the advanced algorithms.

In my perception, replacing humans with Unmanned Systems in the future is worth, only when there is proportion maintained in the distribution of Man and Machine in the workplace which may preserve the human values in the environment. This balance could build people’s trust in technological advancement in the future.


I’ve tried to explain the impact of Unmanned Systems in the future of the world with the acquired information from various sources. I’m expectantly waiting for your valuable feedback and suggestions regarding this topic.

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