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Morse code is a technique used in telecommunication to encode the text characters as standardized sequences of two distinct signal, called dots and dashes. It is named after the inventor of the telegraph, Samuel Morse.


The above converter works based on the International Morse Code. The Legends below helps to interpret the generated Morse code:

#Untranslatable Character

Each character is separated with space, and words are separated with seven dots (.......). The Untranslatable characters are represented as the Number Signs (#).

International Morse Code

International Morse Code comprises encoding for 26 English alphabets and some other special characters.

For example,

Elucidate Drones in Morse Code Image Credits: Dhulkarnayn, Elucidate Drones

These characters can be in both upper and lower cases since it’s not case sensitive. In an emergency, Morse code can be generated by simple methods such as turning a light on and off, tapping on an object making it one of the simplest and most versatile methods of telecommunication.

International Morse Code Image Credits: Dhulkarnayn, Elucidate Drones

The above chart comprises Morse code for English alphabets, ten numerals and some special characters.


I’ve made a morse code translator based on the international morse code and tried to explain them with the acquired information from various sources. I’m expectantly waiting for your valuable feedback and suggestions regarding this topic.

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